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Shared courses offer: Incoming students

List of courses

See the list of courses offered by Heidelberg University

More courses might be added in September.


Registration period: 13 September – 01 October 2021

Most of the courses will start on 18 October. More detailed information can be found in the course catalogue.

Registration procedure

  1. Students are asked to check the possibility of recognition in advance with the study coordinators of the home university. In order to be able to follow the course student should furthermore check the prerequisites to attend the course as well as the language requirements.

  2. To apply students have to send an e-mail, stating their name, the name of the course they want to attend, e-mail, date of birth, home university, matriculation number, field and level of study (BA,MA,PhD) at the home university to the following e-mail address: .

  3. After the deadline students receive an e-mail notice of the selection process (based on first come, first serve) and further information on how to participate in the course.

Contact information

Contact point for 4EU+ mobility: .