4EU+ Shared courses: Winter Semester 2021/22

Charles University

Shared courses offer: Incoming students


Enrolement of students: September 15 - October 6.

Courses start in the week of 1 October. For a schedule of a particular course, please see the course list.

Registration procedure

Each student from a partner university that wants to participate in virtual mobility at Charles University has to fill in the online application.

The application is available between September 15 and October 6.

Together with submitting the online application, the student is obliged to send the Transcript of Records and the 4EU+ Learning Agreement (with the university stamp, electronic signatures/seals/stamps are accepted) to the email address . It serves also as a proof of their student status.

To finish the process, both documents and the online application have to be submitted, otherwise, the student can’t be accepted.

The system is first come, first served, but the lecturer and coordinator have the right to refuse students that don’t meet the conditions.

Each student can apply for up to two courses, but both has to be taught by the same faculty.

Accepted students are automatically enrolled in the CU Student Information System (SIS) and receive the login information. There is no need to enrol for the courses in the system.

Within five days after obtaining the login, the student has to change the generated password.

It is important to keep the login and the new password to access the SIS! There, students can find more information about the course, including the schedule, and see their study results. After completion of the course, the student can download the Transcript of Records with an electronic seal (the paper version is not provided anymore).

Contact information

CU Mobility Officer: