Europeanness Photo Contest for 4EU+ students and doctoral candidates

Europeanness Photo Contest for 4EU+ students and doctoral candidates

Tell us what Europeanness and being European mean to you as a student or PhD candidate of a European University! If you study at one of the six 4EU+ member universities, take part in our contest on Instagram and post a picture with a short description (maximum three sentences) that will express your idea of being European. You can win free participation in a language course at one of the 4EU+ member universities. We are waiting for your ideas until 10 May!

We invite you to express your ideas about Europeanness through a picture in a first-ever 4EU+ Student Photo Contest!

Why Europeanness?

Europeanness is an umbrella theme for one of the four key programmes of 4EU+ Alliance, Flagship 2: “Europe in a changing world: Understanding and engaging societies, economies, cultures and languages”. Within Flagship 2, scholars from the six 4EU+ universities, representing various disciplines in the field of the Humanities and Social Sciences, aim at providing a comprehensive understanding of the concept of Europeanness and exploring the multitude of factors that contribute to European self-identification, different facets of living in Europe and being European, as well as governance and regulatory aspects of Europeanness.

Through the contest, which is organized as part of Flagship 2 information campaign, we would like to explore the topic of Europeanness through the lens of experiences of 4EU+ students and doctoral candidates: What does Europeanness actually mean to you as a student/doctoral candidate of a European university? What is your very own definition of being European? Is Europeanness really something Europeans have in common?

Who is the contest open to?

The contest is open to students and doctoral candidates from 4EU+ member universities: Charles University, Heidelberg University, Sorbonne University, University of Copenhagen, University of Milan, and University of Warsaw.

Each person can submit only one picture.

What should I do to take part?

  1. Follow our 4EU+ account on Instagram (@4euplus_alliance).

  2. Make sure your Instagram account is a public profile. If you do not want to use your private Instagram account, you can create a separate account just for the sake of the contest.

  3. Post a picture addressing the theme of Europeanness/being European on Instagram. Photos depicting your art: graphic, illustration, drawing or a painting can also be submitted, as long as you are the author and own the copyright to the image used.

  4. In the caption:


    write in max. 3 sentences what Europeanness means to you, the description has to be written in English


    don’t forget to tag @4EUplusAlliance and use the hashtags #4EUplusAlliance, #Flagship2 and #Europeanness.

  5. The posted picture must not have any inappropriate content, language or imagery (no violence, pornographic images, personal or political attacks on people or organisations, etc.).

The contest opens on 21 April, 2021. The new, extended deadline for entry is 10 May, 23:59.

Important: The authors must own all rights on their pictures to enter the contest. Any persons appearing in the picture must give their explicit consent to the publication of the picture. By entering the contest and submitting a picture, you agree to have your picture shared as appropriate on the online and social media channels of 4EU+ Alliance and its member universities. The names of the authors and copyright will always be associated with their pictures.

Evaluation & awards

The submitted works will be first assessed by a jury composed of five 4EU+ representatives: representative of the 4EU+ Management Committee, Coordinator of Flagship 2 Programme Committee, two representatives of 4EU+ Student Committee, and a representative of the 4EU+ Communications Working Group.

The following criteria will be taken into consideration:

  • Adherence to the contest’s theme

  • Uniqueness of concept and creative approach to the theme

  • Overall quality of the picture

  • Clarity of expression in the picture description (caption) and the overall message behind the picture.

Three finalists will be selected by the Jury. The three finalists will be contacted via Instagram (PM) and asked to provide their full names and university/faculty they are affiliated with, so that their student/doctoral candidate status at a 4EU+ university can be confirmed.

In the second stage of the contest, it will be the public who will decide, via the public voting on Instagram, who will be awarded the first, second or third place in the contest. The exact date of public voting will be announced on the 4EU+ website and our Instagram account on 12 May.

The awarded pictures will be featured in the 4EU+ newsletter and promoted via other 4EU+ social media channels.

The three winners will be offered an opportunity to participate free of charge in a language course (Czech, French, German, Italian or Polish) run by 4EU+ member universities. Please note: Given the current situation, we do not know whether the courses will be taught in an online or onsite format.

We look forward to seeing your entries!

For any queries about the contest, please contact .