Covid-19 crisis as a model for data literacy

Sorbonne University, Charles University, University of Milano and University of Heidelberg launch an online course for BA students from various disciplines "Covid-19 crisis as a model for data literacy". This course aims to give you the knowledge necessary to better understand the Covid-19 pandemic and exercise your critical thinking through a multidisciplinary approach and data processing.

The Covid-19 crisis poses questions in many areas, and you will tackle major societal issues, and on the other hand you will see that a solid foundation in several disciplines is needed to resolve them, and especially on data literacy.

In a certain sense, Covid is only a pretext. You will learn a lot about Covid, but you will not become an expert.

What we expect is that you will be convinced of the strength of your knowledge because you will better understand the scientific method you’ll be able to work in the framework of a model manipulating the data, acting in autonomy and exercise your critical thinking.

3 spikes

  • In a first phase on a multidisciplinary approach, teachers of health, sciences and humanities present in short videos the researchers' answers to the issues posed by the pandemic.

  • In a second phase, practical training on data and statistics is proposed to better master and understand digital representations and models

  • The third phase is an active educational one, in small international groups, you will do a research project on a subject linked to themes of the short videos. For this research, the students will use statistics, data handling and collate knowledge necessary to the problem.

The target group is multidisciplinary.

The contact email for registration issues is : . Deadline for regsitration. 31 March 2021.

Course syllabus