The Summer School “Eastern Europe from the Post-Socialist Perspective: Changes and Challenges”

Despite the coronavirus crisis, MA and PhD students from member universities of the 4EU+ Alliance managed to visit the Czech Republic and participate in person in the Summer School "Eastern Europe from the Post-Socialist Perspective: Changes and Challenges".

Students from the University of Milan, Heidelberg University, University of Warsaw and Charles University came together to participate in the summer school in Prague on 24-28 August 2020. The main aims were creating, specifying, and discussing the implementation of new interdisciplinary approaches and methodologies of teaching and research on Eastern Europe, which could later be applied at partner universities.

The School discussed the issues of memory, historical consciousness, the formation of the nations, law and politics of Eastern European countries. The programme included lectures by professors from Charles University (Dr. Alena Marková, Dr. Stanislav Tumis), University of Milan (Prof. Angela Di Gregorio, Dr. Arianna Angeli), University of Warsaw (Dr. hab. Joanna Getka, Dr. Grzegorz Gąsior, Dr. Witold Rodkiewicz). Besides, Dr. Karoline Thaidigsmann and Dr. Felicitas Fischer von Weikersthal from Heidelberg University gave a joint online lecture. Ms Karolína Šedivcová, MA and Dr. Michal Karľa organized a Special Workshop "Reading & Writing in Humanities" for students.

The organisation of the summer school was supported by a Charles University minigrant.