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Europe-Egypt Network

"Europe-Egypt Ties. Egyptology: Keeping the memory of an ancient civilization / Exploring new frontiers of research" Summer/Winter schools will allow the professors and students from 4EU+ member universities to work together developing different interdisciplinary approaches and using archives. Further research will be developed at joint lab sessions and on the archaeological field during the 3 years of the project and beyond.

Project team:

  • Prof. Dr Patrizia Piacentini, University of Milan, Department of Literary Studies, Philology and Linguistics - Coordinator

  • Prof. Dr Pierre Tallet, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Sorbonne University

  • Prof. Dr Miroslav Bárta, Czech Institute of Egiptology, Charles University Prague

  • Prof. Dr Joachim F. Quack, Faculty of Philosophy, Institute of Egyptology, Heidelberg University

  • Prof. Dr Kamil O. Kuraszkiewicz, Faculty of Oriental Studies, Department of Egyptology, University of Warsaw

  • Prof. Dr Anna Wodzińska, Faculty of History, Institute of Archaeology, Department of Egypt and Nubia Archaeology, University of Warsaw,

Contact details:

For more information about the network, please contact

Prof. Dr Patrizia Piacentini: (phone +39 0250312315)