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Europe-Asia Network

The project aims at creating research-based methodological framework to teach on challenges and opportunities for Europe related to the emergence of Asian powers. It will provide basis for one of the shared innovative courses to be included in the 4EU+ “European Citizenship” educational pathway.

Expected learning outcomes for 4EU+ students:

  • ability to deal with different cultures and societies, to understand European-Asian relations, including problems of migrations and doing business with Asia,

  • ability to identify structural changes in Asia in the context of Asian powers; analytical concept of governance at 4 levels:

    1. culture and societies,

    2. state (reconciliation and conflict management, transitional justice in Asia, social challenges and the state, migration as a phenomenon and as a challenge to state policies),

    3. regional context,

    4. global level (Asian Great Powers and liberal international order).

In summer 2021 the evaluation of the course “Emerging Asian Powers: Opportunities for Europe” will take place. Next, plans to include the course into regular curriculum at the University of Warsaw (and other interested partner universities) as an elective course starting from the academic year 2021/2022 will be formulated.

As a next step, plans will be developed to introduce the course (in a blended format) at 4EU+ partner universities starting from the academic year 2022/23.

Within 3 years there will be a full shared course ready to be provided for the students at every 4EU+ university and 1 cyclic summer school with a changing location.

Project team:

  • dr hab. Agata Bareja-Starzyńska, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Oriental Studies, dr hab. Jakub Zajączkowski, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, dr hab. Dorota Heidrich, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Political Science and International Studies (Coordinating Team at the University of Warsaw)

  • Rahul Mukherji, Heidelberg University

  • Hans Harder, Heidelberg University

  • Jan Hornat, Charles University

  • Daniel Berounsky, Charles University

  • Gaelle Lacaze, Sorbonne University

  • Cinzia Pieruccini, University of Milan

Contact information:

Please feel free to contact the Project Coordinator with any questions:

Dr hab. Agata Bareja Starzyńska, University of Warsaw, Head of the Department of Turkish Studies and Inner Asian Peoples, Faculty of Oriental Studies (