Call for Papers: Heidelberg University – Conference on Academia and the Far Right

Does academia interact with 21st-century far-right ideologies and, if so, in what ways? This is the question to be addressed at a one-day conference hosted at Heidelberg University on 3 September 2022. Organised by doctoral candidates from the Heidelberg Graduate School for the Humanities and Social Sciences (HGGS), in collaboration with the 4EU+ European University Alliance, the conference is open to anyone interested in this topic, and specifically to researchers, doctoral candidates, and final-semester master’s students from all 4EU+ member universities. The deadline for submitting proposals is 30 June 2022.

The rise of the far right, including nativism, distrust in political institutions, and the destabilisation of societies, is one of the emergent issues of our time. Consequently, the HGGS conference, entitled “The Spectre Haunting Academia: Understanding the Role of Academia in the Rise of the Far Right”, will explore the ways in which academia and the far right interact. It will examine how the far right as an international entity engages with and perceives academia, whether academia is equipped to tackle the rise of far-right ideologies, and how efficient political correctness is in challenging far-right narratives. Additional topics for discussion include the methods far-right groups employ to further their political agendas, how these affect academia, and how far-right governments seek to assert control over academic institutions by altering syllabuses or mandating research directions.

More information about the conference, including for prospective speakers, is available at the HGGS website.

Event start 7 April 2022
Event end 30 June 2022
Event website
Venue Heidelberg University