It is time to make a difference and effectively work on environment and development.


ENVIROGATE is one of the 4EU+ educational projects coordinated by the University of Milano, together with the University of Warsaw and the University of Copenhagen. It is aimed at delivering a 3-days workshop on environment and development issues. The workshop will be held at an off-site location, most likely in Northern Italy, at the end of June 2022 (most likely from 27th to 29th). The workshop is intended for BA students who just completed the 3-years cycle in disciplines such as agricultural sciences, social sciences, economy, biological sciences.

The teachings of the workshop include the introduction to interdisciplinarity as the fundament of the investigation in environment and development; the analysis of the challenges of worldwide management of sustainable environment and development; a critical review of agricultural and social issues in environment and development. Lectures will also concentrate on didactic innovation. The workshop is also characterized by an intense teamwork performed by the students under the guidance of the trainers, on several challenges to which they will have to propose solutions.

The opinions and ideas of the students will be collected on what is the ideal master course they would take part in, and on which are the more appropriate didactic tools to use. In other words, the students will be given the opportunity to shape some aspects of the future master course according to their thoughts.

Who can apply?

You can apply if you are a bachelor student in the general disciplines of natural, social, or economic sciences, at the University of Copenhagen, the University of Milano, or the University of Warsaw.

Ten students from each university will be selected.

If eligible, your travel and stay during the workshop will be granted .


Event start 26 June 2022
Event end 30 June 2022
Venue Chiavenna, Sondrio, Italy
Reservation Apply by 15 March 2022