4EU+ International workshop, "CRISPRes_Using CRISPR-based genomic editing for crop protection"

The workshop will provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge about the CRISPR technology and its uses in plant biology and breeding. The students will learn how to plan a gene editing experiment and how to practically apply it in some relevant crops.

This will be done using innovative and technologically advanced e-learning approaches, including 3D immersive and interactive videos and digital laboratories. The teaching team is composed of 10 trainers from three 4EU+ member universities (University of Milan, Charles University and University of Copenhagen).

The online workshop, which will bring together 30 students, requires 40 hours of interactive e-learning and 25 hours of team-based home work, resulting in a final report that will provide 3 ECTS. The workshop will take place from 5 to 9 July 2021, on Teams and Moodle platforms.

For questions about registration and for any further information, please contact Professor Professor Carlo Pozzi ) of University of Milan, Stephan Wenkel ) of University of Copenhagen and Ales Soukup ) of Charles of University of Prague by 13 June 2021.

Event start 5 July 2021
Event end 9 July 2021