Summer School on EU Business Law: Overcoming Challenges, Addressing Conflicts, Settling disputes

The University of Milan is managing the project "From diversities to Unity through Coordination (EU‐DUC)", in collaboration with Heidelberg University, Charles University and the University of Warsaw, within the framework of the 1st Call for joint educational proposal promoted by the 4EU+ European University Alliance.

Following the inaugural workshop on 26 February, the present summer school, which will take place at the University of Milan on 16-18 June 2021, aims at providing students the possibility to explore the current trends and dynamics of international business, with a special emphasis on international investment law, international relations, international contracts, and dispute settlement, through an experiential workshop combining several innovative teaching methodologies, entailing a high level of interaction among participants. The course will consist in both frontal lectures and student-centered learning, focusing on the development of personalized learning pathway of each student, triggering their curiosity and engaging them in active learning by means of practical simulation exercises, moot courts, and drafting technique tools.

The summer school is freely offered to the students of all 4EU+ universities, with possibility of mobility scholarships for students enrolled to the Heidelberg University, Charles University and University of Warsaw. Active participants will be granted 3 ECTS.

Registration process and programme

Event start 16 June 2021
Event end 18 June 2021