9:00 - 11:30 Parallel Meetings

4EU+ Governing Board, enlarged by VPs/VRs

  • Private Zoom link will be sent to the participants.

Micro Think-Tanks

  • Groups of different stakeholders in 4EU+ explore selected topics of central relevance for the Alliance:

    1. Just Wishful Thinking? The claim of synergy between research and teaching in 4EU+

      - Chairs: Anne Sommer (HU), Janathan Juarez Altuzar (HU)

    2. 4EU+ and Europe: Can 4EU+ make us better Europeans? Can 4EU+ strengthen Europe? And should it? If yes, how?

      - Chairs: Anna Wojtyś (UW), Eliška Tomalová (CU), Eliška Černovská (CU)

    3. Mobility, connectivity, exchange: Which mix of modes cooperating within 4EU+ works best? What can be gained by certain modes? And what is lost?

      - Chairs: Roberto Cerbino (UM), Kristian Petersen (UCPH), Bret Doerksen (UM)

  • Limited number of places available. Capacity is full. Zoom links will be sent to the participants.

  • Main outputs to be presented during the Open Session.

12:45 - 14:00 General Assembly

  • 4EU+ since Annual Meeting 2019 (outgoing Chair of the 4EU+ Governing Board SU President Jean Chambaz )

  • Objectives for the next year (incoming Chair of the 4EU+ Governing Board Tomáš Zima)

  • Questions from the plenum

  • Presentation of thematic focus, achievements and objectives of each 4EU+ Flagship

  • Official Inauguration of the 4EU+ Academic Council

14:00 - 15:00 Parallel Meetings of governance bodies

1st Meeting of the 4EU+ Academic Council

Meeting of VPs/VRs Research

Meeting VP/VRs Education

  • Private Zoom links will be sent to the participants.

16:00 - 18:00 Open Session

To be broadcasted online on YouTube.

If you only want to watch the Open Session, you do not need to register.

Welcome by the Rectors, Ambassadors, European Commissioner, Members of the Czech Government

Reports from the micro think-tanks sessions

  • Report of the outcomes from the three micro think-tanks by student co-chairs

    • Topic 1: Janathan Juarez Altuzar (HU)

    • Topic 2: Eliška Černovská (CU)

    • Topic 3: Bret Doerksen (UM)

Key topic: 4EU+ as a prototype for synergy between research and education

  • Presentation of one successful project per Flagship

  • Round-table discussion with representatives of the European Commission, Rectors and students, moderated by Tomáš Zima, Rector of Charles University

    • Vanessa Debiais-Sainton, Head of the Unit Higher Education, DG EAC

    • Apostolia Karamali, Head of Unit Academic R&I and Research Organisations, DG RTD

    • Bernhard Eitel, Rector of Heidelberg University

    • Henrik C. Wegener, Rector of the University of Copenhagen

    • Student representatives

      • Mike Gudbergsen (UCPH)

      • Julia Kostro (UW)

      • Bérangère Poncet (SU)

Event start 16 November 2020 at 9:00
Event end 16 November 2020 at 18:00
Organiser Charles University
Organiser's contact email
Venue ZOOM