Modeling of Biomaterials

Doctoral School

The investigation of the role of mechanical and mechano-chemical interactions in cellular processes and tissue development has become a rapidly growing research field in the life sciences. A quantitative understanding of this important aspect of biological systems requires one to develop adequate mathematical models, and simulate numerically the evolution of these systems in space and time. This calls for a multidisciplinary approach since expertise in various fields is absolutely necessary.

In order to achieve the multidisciplinary approach the researchers, and especially young researchers working in different fields, must be given a chance to meet and understand the challenges and questions arising in the specialised fields, and then eventually start to work together. This is ultimately the objective of the doctoral school Modeling of Biomaterials.

Six main speakers will deliver a series of lectures on recent issues in the modeling of biomaterials. This is a very broad field and the school aims to provide different possible views on the field. Ample time within the school is allocated for the promotion of informal scientific discussions among the participants.

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Registration and payment

The deadline for registration is January 10, 2020. The registration can be however closed earlier, if the maximal capacity of 60 participants is reached.

The conference fee covers accomodation (in the rooms for two or three people), full board (breakfest, lunch, dinner, 2 coffee breaks), conference materials, conference trip, and transport between Prague and Kácov and back. Because of the limited capacity of the hotel, the participants will be accommodated mainly in double rooms. The deadline for payment is January 10, 2020.

Scholarship covering up to the full conference fee is available for students, early career participants and participants with limited resources. Applications for the scholarship together with a short curriculum vitae should be sent to the conference email by January 10, 2020.

Event start 10 February 2020
Event end 16 February 2020
Type of event Course, workshop, seminar
Organiser's contact email
Event website
Venue Kácov, Czech Republic
Admission fee 510 EUR