Global Health Case Challenge 2019: Bending the Curve of Obesity

University of Copenhagen, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, Cities Changing Diabetes and EIT Health invite university students from all disciplines to develop solutions to a challenge related to obesity.

The case challenge takes place in Copenhagen on 10-11 October 2019.

Obesity is a challenge that can be traced back to fundamental imbalances in the way we organise our lives in the modern world both in the Global North and South. The interdependence between social and health related issues implies that innovative solutions for bending the curve of obesity require an integrated approach,  with a combination of insights and best practices incorporating diverse disciplines, fields and sectors to create more holistic and effective solutions.

All teams will present their solutions in front of an expert jury and a public audience at the "Culture Night" (Kulturnatten), the largest annual cultural event in Copenhagen.

Event start 10 October 2019
Event end 11 October 2019
Organiser University of Copenhagen
Event website
Venue Copenhagen, Denmark