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23 September 2021 – 18 October 2021

Collegio futuro: Call for applications

Collegio Futuro is a joint interdisciplinary PhD college of the 4EU+ member universities. It seeks to foster the essential skills that future leaders need in order to tackle our urgent environmental, economic and social challenges.

Application deadline: 18 October 2021

30 September 2021 – 15 October 2021

Sociology of Elites: Case Studies and methods

MA students and PhD candidates from 4EU+ member universities can take part in an online module programme organised in the framework of NAWA project API.

Application deadline: 24 September 2021

4 October 2021

SHADOW - Peer to peer shadowing : seminar in Paris

SHADOW is a pilot project for the learning foreign language and culture, developed in 4EU+ Alliance. It’s based on an innovative pedagogical approach called ‘peer to peer shadowing’, which is directly inspired by a methodology used by anthropologists to observe foreign civilizations.

7 October 2021 – 17 October 2021

Academic writing: Application deadline

We would like to invite master/ doctoral students/ young researchers to participate in the short module programme "Academic Writing: Making your readers care, understand, and remember,” organised by Charles University as part of the project (API).

8 October 2021

Jews in Europe, the Historical Background and Today’s Realities – Online Course

The 4EU+ project “Jewish Identities in Changing Europe: Challenges, Problems and the Burden of the Past” which is coordinated by the UW in cooperation of UniMi, UCPH and UHD launches the first introductory online course for BA, MA and Ph.D. students titled “Jews in Europe, the Historical Background and Today’s Realities”.

14 October 2021

Erasmus+ Days with 4EU+

During a Facebook live, students and doctoral candidates from all 4EU+ universities will have a chance to learn about the Erasmus+ mobility opportunities.

15 October 2021 – 15 June 2022

MAPS-EU: MA-PhD Seminar History of European cooperation since 1919 Research skills for junior researchers

The joint MA-Phd course combines a weekly web-seminar over 21 weeks and an intensive one-week field trip in Florence and a three-day seminar in Milan.

Application deadline: 6 October

21 October 2021 – 29 October 2021

Virtual exchange - project work

The aim of the 'Virtual exchange - project work' course is to develop the students' intercultural competence, their skills in using information and communication technologies to plan and organize project work, as well as their creativity and critical thinking.

Registration period: 21 - 29 October 2021

29 October 2021 – 12 December 2021

Urban Health Case Challenge 2021

You want to work on a real-world urban challenge in a multidisciplinary team and get in touch with over 70 students from all across Europe? Sign up for the 4EU+ Urban Health Case Challenge and represent your city and your university in the second edition of this format.

3 November 2021 – 5 November 2021

4EU+ Annual Meeting 2021

With the aim of developing perspectives for taking the Alliance forward, the Annual Meeting of the 4EU+ European University Alliance will take place in Heidelberg from 3 to 5 November 2021.

8 November 2021 – 4 July 2022

Open for you! An introduction series to open science

Everything you always wanted to know about open science but were afraid to ask!

We invite you to our monthly training meetings, starting in November 2021, to discover and explore all aspects of open science.

9 November 2021 – 15 December 2021

4EU+ course Pathogenesis of Epilepsy: application deadline

The course is international, suitable for undergraduate and Ph.D. students from various research disciplines who are interested in epilepsy research, researchers from academia or industry seeking to upskill in the area of epilepsy research and epilepsy therapy development and clinicians seeking to appraise insights into the basic mechanisms of epilepsy.

22 November 2021 – 26 November 2021

From Bench to Paper – Scientific Writing for the Health and Life Sciences

We would like to invite master/ doctoral students/ young researchers of life sciences to participate in the short module programme organised by the University of Heidelberg as part of the API project.

Application deadline: 12 November 2021

25 November 2021 – 28 November 2021

Festives at Sorbonne University

With more than 60 projects (including 17 from 4EU+ Alliance), the Festives of Sorbonne University aim at sharing in an interactive way the progress of research as well as the answers it brings to social issues.

1 December 2021 – 15 December 2021

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Test Development

We would like to invite academic teachers, lecturers, doctoral students to participate in the short module programme. Classes will be conducted online on December 1st, 8th and 15th (2 p.m. – 4 p.m.).

Application deadline: 28 November

2 December 2021

Data security and privacy in emerging scenarios

4EU+ online seminars on "Security, Privacy, and Data Protection" organized within Flagship 3 are open to anyone interested in the topic.

6 December 2021 – 9 December 2021

Protocol, Reviewing, Ownership and Publishing in Experimental Research (PROPER course)

Short online module programme for research degree students in biomedical sciences.

Application deadline: 3 December

8 December 2021 – 7 January 2022

ABC-LD @4EU+ workshop: registration open

The academic development team of 4EU+ is pleased to announce the official launch of the ABC-LD @4EU+ workshop for academic teams and teachers of our universities. Join us and design the educational offer of the future!

9 December 2021

Fourth European Education Summit: The Next Decade of European Education

The European Education Summit is the annual flagship event of the , the EU’s shared vision for a modern and inclusive European education and training sector fit to face the digital and green transitions.

9 December 2021

Controlled data sharing for collaborative queries

4EU+ online seminars on "Security, Privacy, and Data Protection" organized within Flagship 3 are open to anyone interested in the topic.

12 December 2021

Pitch meeting of the Urban Health Case Challenge

Twelve international teams of students will present their solution to a case question concerning mental health and social well-being in cities. Come and discover one of the projects realized within Flagship 1!

14 December 2021 – 17 December 2021

Conference Landscapes of Memory

What landscape for the memory? What memory for the landscape?

International conference organized by the 4EU+ network "Plurality of Memories" in collaboration with the University of Clermont Ferrand.

16 December 2021

Malware detection using machine learning

4EU+ online seminars on "Security, Privacy, and Data Protection" organized within Flagship 3 are open to anyone interested in the topic.

17 December 2021 – 11 February 2022

„Artefacts, Creativity, Technology, and Skills in the Aegean Bronze Age“: serious of online lectures

All lectures will be delivered online on Fridays at 2 pm. No registration required. Colleagues and students are most welcome to attend and participate in the discussions.

31 December 2021

4EU+PharmacoEpi: Application deadline

Students interested in conducting pharmacoepidemiology studies using administrative healthcare databases are invited to participate in the 4EU+PharmacoEpi: an integrated 4EU+ Pharmacoepidemiology educational course.

13 January 2022 – 15 January 2022

GerCoLiNet: Winter School in Warsaw

“Lexicology and Lexicography in Practice in European Comparison: Theory and Empiricism in German and Comparative Languages”

13 January 2022 – 31 March 2022

4EU+ Shared courses: Registration period

Choose one or more of the courses offered to our students and experience the 4EU+ virtual mobility!

20 January 2022

Quantum computing and its implications for cryptography

4EU+ online seminars on "Security, Privacy, and Data Protection" organized within Flagship 3 are open to anyone interested in the topic.

25 January 2022 – 26 January 2022

Forum of Universities for the Future of Europe

The Forum of Universities for the Future of Europe provides an opportunity for reflection on the role of universities in the Europe of the future and their contribution to its construction.

26 January 2022

Flagship 2 Open Session: Towards Educational Pathways

We would like to invite academic teachers join the open online session about the Flagship 2 flexible learning pathways. You will find out how to get involved in creating the educational offer of the 4EU+ Alliance.

1 February 2022 – 28 February 2022

Covid-19 and data literacy: registration deadline

"Covid-19 and data literacy: a comprehensive journey into the Odyssey of our era" is a new 4EU+ multidisciplinary course that aims to equip the students with the knowledge to understand the Covid pandemic in all dimensions.

Register until 28 February.

27 February 2022

CU mini-grants application deadline

Charles University supports research collaboration within the 4EU+ Alliance by so-called minigrants, seed funding for teams from the 4EU+ universities developing projects in the Flagships.

1 March 2022 – 17 June 2022

4EU+ Course: Quantum Mechanics from Condensed Matter to Computing

New blended 4EU+ course for Master students and PhD students of mathematics, physics and computer science.

Registration deadline: 1 March 2022.

1 March 2022 – 2 March 2022

Short module: Childbirth and the Pelvic Floor

Academics, doctoral researchers, master students in relevant fields of studies are welcomed to apply for this practical training course that includes both theoretical and video components.

Application deadline: Thursday, 24 February 2022

13 March 2022

Deadline to sign up for workshops creating the 4EU+ Student Portal

It is time for you to get involved, dear students!

The 4EU+ team is creating a Student Portal and would like to ask you to raise your voice and help us! Tell us your needs and wishes.

15 March 2022

EARMA and the European Universities Initiative

Hakima Fassi Fihri from Sorbonne University will represent 4EU+ Alliance at the EARMA Exploratory event towards a European Universities Initiative Thematic Group.

24 March 2022 – 25 March 2022

"Urban Regulations and Political Memory" Final Conference

The final conference of the 4EU+ UNREAD project will take place in Warsaw on 24 and 25 March and will be transmitted online.

5 April 2022 – 7 April 2022

4EU+ Staff Training Week for HR offices

HR officers from the 4EU+ member universities will meet in Prague at the first 4EU+ Staff Training Week. They will take the opportunity to discuss HR practices at our universities and the development of HR strategies and staff mobility in 4EU+.

7 April 2022 – 30 June 2022

Call for Papers: Heidelberg University – Conference on Academia and the Far Right

Does academia interact with 21st-century far-right ideologies and, if so, in what ways? This is the question to be addressed at a one-day conference hosted at Heidelberg University on 3 September 2022. It is open to anyone interested in this topic, and specifically to researchers, doctoral candidates, and final-semester master’s students from all 4EU+ member universities.

11 April 2022 – 13 April 2022

Social Logics Of Culture In Contemporary Central Europe

Interdisciplinary Online Ph.D. Conference "Social Logics Of Culture In Contemporary Central Europe (from the 19th to the 21st Century). Between Conflicts And Innovations"

Call for applications is open until 10 March.

11 April 2022 – 15 April 2022

Call for participation: 4EU+ MICROBS

4EU+ students can participate in the new course "Biodiversity, sustainability in the agro-food system". The topics addressed will be biodiversity and sustainability of the food systems and their implication in the society.

21 April 2022 – 1 June 2022

4EU+ Student Mini-Grants: call for applications

Charles University will support student projects focusing on initiating international research collaboration, organizing joint educational activities and developing socio-cultural collaboration.

Application deadline: 1 June 2022.

26 April 2022 – 6 May 2022

4EU+ Spring School: The Making of EU Environmental Regulation

We kindly invite MA Students and PhD Students to take part in the 4EU+ Spring School comprising of an online part and an 5-day on-site seminar in Copenhagen.

Application deadline: 21 February 2022.

9 May 2022 – 27 May 2022

MAPS- EU: MA-PhD Seminar. Research skills for junior researchers - History of European cooperation since 1919

May is full of seminars and workshops for the project MAPS-EU!

18 May 2022 – 20 May 2022

Mnemonic Encounters in Europe: New Directions and Dilemmas

Interdisciplinary Online Ph.D. Conference "Mnemonic Encounters in Europe: New Directions and Dilemmas"

Call for applications is open until 4 April

25 May 2022

4EU+ Day at the University of Milan

University of Milan will host a 4EU+ Day: From students to students on 25 May. It will be great chance to hear about experience of students who took part in joint educational and training activities offered by 4EU+. Students from other universities can follow the event online.

2 June 2022 – 4 June 2022

The European Physical Society Forum

The EPS Forum is a unique opportunity for exchanges between young researchers, world-renowned physicists and industrial leaders. The event will take place in person from 2 June to 4 June 2021 at the Centre International de Conférences de Sorbonne Université.

7 June 2022 – 16 June 2022

4EU+ Summer School in International Business Law

Sign up for the 4EU+ Summer School in International Business Law and polish your skills with training at the highest academic and professional level. The courses focus on socially responsible business law, and directly address specific challenges in this area. All courses are free of charge.

Deadline for registration: 1 June

8 June 2022

4EU+ Conference on Educational and Research Infrastructure Collaboration in European University Alliances

Please join us on 8 June 2022 for our 4EU+ conference on collaboration, management and synergies in educational and research infrastructure within European University Alliances.

10 June 2022

Continuity and contact: Language and material culture at the roots of european diversity

4EU+ Graduate Seminar “Continuity and contact: Language and material culture at the roots of european diversity” focuses on developments, contacts and transformations of languages, cultures and societies preceding the European Modern Age.

Call for abstracts is open until 30 April 2022.