The 4EU+ governance is fully embodied within the governance of each institution. This strong governance model is structured around the following bodies:

  • The Governing Board is responsible for defining the vision, mission, strategy and common values. It is composed of the President or Rectors of the 7 universities. The Board will designate the head of one of the seven universities to be President of 4EU+ on a rotating basis.

  • The 4EU+ Academic Council has an advisory and consultative role and provides input to the Governing board. It is made up of representatives from the Academic council or Senate of each university, including members of staff and students.

  • The Management Committee is composed of the Secretary General and the Vice-Rectors/Vice-Presidents responsible at each university for overseeing development and implementation of the 4EU+ vision, mission and cooperation plan.

  • The External Advisory Board provides non-binding guidance to the other governing bodies. It is made up of experts and includes representatives of 4EU+ Associated and external Partners as well as other European networks.

4EU+ is managed by a permanent team, under the leadership of the Secretary General who is responsible for driving, executing and monitoring the yearly activity plan. This team coordinates support and management services, including education and mobility of staff, to facilitate the cooperation, simplify administrative processes, overcome obstacles and respond swiftly to new initiatives and emerging issues concerning the Alliance.

Actions are locally implemented within each university by a 4EU+ team placed directly under the administrative authority of each university’s Operating Officer. This ensures that 4EU+’s management and administrative structures are tightly interconnected and operated with those of each institution.

4EU+ has a central office, currently located in Heidelberg, and a budget to ensure day-to-day operations, fully financed by the seven universities. Further funding is being raised from different sources*, including competitive calls and by pooling our resources in key areas.

*4EU+ has already received funding from the Polish Government and the National Agency for Academic Exchange.


The quality management system 4EU+QUALITY aims at assuring and continuously enhancing the quality of the Alliance’s educational activities in order to offer the best possible conditions to the students in the 4EU+ European University Alliance. Read more about the quality management system of the 4EU+ Alliance.