Students wish to influence the future of the 4EU+ alliance

On 24 and 25 October, the University of Copenhagen hosted the first 4EU+ student conference. 35 students from the six alliance universities were gathered to discuss student representation and student perspectives in the future alliance collaboration.

How do we as students wish to be represented in this alliance? That was the big question that 35 students from the six partner universities in the 4EU+ alliance were gathered to discuss.

As students in the 4EU+ alliance, we think it’s only natural that we’re represented in the committees and working groups that are working with aspects of our education. We have discussed which committees it would be relevant for us to join, how many student representatives should sit on the committees and how the student representatives should be selected,” says Kristian Dam Hove, law student at the University of Copenhagen.

On the second day of the conference, the students discussed educational perspectives which they find that the alliance should be focusing on. These are: ‘digital teaching and quality assurance of education’, ‘special focus areas’ and ‘European challenges in a global societal perspective’.

The students will now submit their recommendations to the 4EU+ Steering Committee.

Photo credits: Nikolai Linares