About us

The 4EU+ mission is to develop a barrier-free and continuously deepening cooperation in education, research and innovation within the Alliance. Through this collaboration and working in partnerships, we serve society to the highest level with our core values:

  • Academic and research freedom

  • Democratization of education

  • Students at the centre

  • Collaboration in an interdisciplinary approach

  • Research excellence

  • Creativity and openness

  • Integrity

  • Internationalization

The collective ambition of 4EU+ is to strengthen the European vision of deeper cooperation and mutual enrichment. The transformation of our organisations through shared academic traditions and values and the expansion of well-established collaborations will benefit the alliance and in turn will better serve society.

Our universities are comprehensive, research-intensive, and innovative in teaching and learning and all enjoy vigorous socio-economic ecosystems. The 4EU+ member institutions are leading universities that are recognised nationally, within Europe, and internationally. This Alliance will solidify our already strong commitment to lead by example in creating university synergies in learning, research and innovation that reinforce each other in our missions and cooperation with the external environment.

4EU+ intends to play a pilot role in disseminating the vision of European Universities.

Mission Statement

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Facts & Figures

The six members of 4EU+ are large, well-established, comprehensive, public European research universities. They are the top universities in their respective countries, and share European values. In geographical terms, the Member States where our institutions are situated stretch from the Mediterranean to the North and Baltic Seas, covering 39% of the EU territory and educating 49% of students of the EU countries.

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