4EU+ Campus

Student Portal

Explore the 4EU+ Student Portal, our digital platform that leads the way towards a virtual transnational campus open and inclusive to all members of the Student Community of partner institutions that want to engage with the 4EU+ Alliance.

In the current version, students can benefit from a comprehensive and always up-to-date overview of the 4EU+ Alliance's portfolio of educational, training & development as well as mobility opportunities. Users of the portal will, eventually, be able to access the following features: the course catalogue, the learning tools & skills inventory, and the mobility tool-box.

Ranging from online courses to collaborative projects and learning pathways, the portal provides an overview of the diverse educational offerings available to 4EU+ students. Whether you are searching for classes in a specific field of study, courses offered by a particular member university or based on your language skills, the filtering system enables you to easily discover courses that align with your academic interests and goals. Nothing specific in mind? Allow our wizard interface (currently in beta-test) to guide you through our catalogue.

Take the first step of your 4EU+ educational journey: Visit the Student Portal!