Flagship 4: Environmental transitions

Projects and activities

Educational projects

  • Extension of competences and knowledge-based education of natural hazards and environmental change. UNIMI, UHD, CU (leader)

  • Collegio Futuro - A college for future leaders of a sustainable European future. UHD, SU, CU, UNIMI, UW

  • Use of genomic editing through CRISPR / Cas9 for the protection of species of agricultural interest – CRISPRes. UCPH, CU, UNIMI (leader)

  • ABC in biodiversity. SU, UW (leader)

  • Biodiversity, sustainability in the agro-food system 4EU+ Microcredentials (MICROBS). SU, CU, UCPH, UW, UNIMI (leader)

  • Manage and Organize Virtual Excursions (MOVE). UHD, UW, SU (leader)

  • A Gate Opener for a Master Joint Degree on Environment and Development. UW, UCPH, UNIMI (leader)

  • MERGED: Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Global Environment and Development. UCPH, UW, UNIMI

  • Co-creating knowledge on entrepreneurship for sustainable development. (2021_F4_01). SU, UCPH, UW, UHD (leader).

  • Towards a European School of Environmental Economics & Policy (EuSEEP) - Preparatory Winter School. (2020/F4/11). CU, UCPH, UNIMI, UW, UHD (leader).

Research projects (CU mini-grants)

  • CORE+: Chemical and biophysical investigation Of Ribosome Emergence. SU, UNIMI, CU (leader)

  • From Fungal Morphology to Genotype. UCPH, UW, CU (leader) 

  • Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere Dynamics under the influence of Climate Change. UHD, UNIMI, CU (leader)

  • Ruderalization and invasive species spread as a consequences of land abandonment in European landscapes after 1990: detection and assessment using remote sensing. UHD, UCPH, UNIGE, UW, CU (leader)

  • Tomorrow’s research and science innovation in students startups. (event)

  • Collaborative research on high mountain cryosphere under the influence of climate change. (seminar)


  • DevelopM3EP : Development of a joint master's program in European environmental economics and policy. Led by UCPH.

  • RECHARGE : Ribosome emergence: role of CHARGE, nucleic acid and peptide sequence and structure in phase behavior and activity. Led by UNIMI.

  • DFIELD : Designing behavioral interventions on the ground in Europe to reduce exposure to air pollution and the resulting damage. Led by UHD.

  • PoNACEE : The postdoc network in agricultural, climate and environmental economics. Led by UCPH.

  • MOVE : Manage and organize virtual excursions. Led by SU.

  • IBLA : 4EU+ Summer School in International Business Law. Led by UCPH.

  • SUFORECO : New sustainable food systems: understanding and driving the necessary change in research and communication. Led by UNIMI.

To go further:

  • Five of the 4EU+ partners (Charles, Copenhagen, Heidelberg, Milan, and Warsaw) are preparing an application for a joint M.Sc. program “Master in European Environmental Economics & Management (M3EP)”, to be submitted under the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Program (EMJM).

  • We are also currently working on dual degree between the University of Warsaw and the University of Copenhagen on Ecology and Evolution.

  • Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution : The Biodiversity, Ecology, and Evolution learning pathway is part of the educational offer of the 4EU+ Alliance, with the aim to mitigate current limitations.