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Administrative staff

Welcome to the 4EU+ community! As administrative staff, you play a vital role in the daily execution of the mission of not only your university, but also the 4EU+ Alliance at large. As a core member of our community, a number of opportunities are available to you in terms of widening and enriching your professional experience among us.

As an administrative staff member, you can participate in short mobility programmes at one of the eight member universities that make up 4EU+. Just like Fabiana Fotia, administrative secretary at the University of Milan who spent a week at Sorbonne University, you could shadow your European peers, be introduced to new ways of working, and exchange good practices.


Fabiana Fotia, Administrative secretary at the University of Milan

“Even if it is only for a week or a few days, it is a personal and professional enrichment that allows you to meet new people and discover other ways of working.”

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Short group programmes and Staff Weeks also serve to connect you with other administrative staff members in the alliance. Whether you work in HR, communications, accounting or any other sector, there may be a short program for you. Reach out to your local 4EU+ office or connect with members of the Flagship Programme Committees to explore opportunities for collaboration within the 4EU+ Alliance.