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Academic staff

Welcome to the 4EU+ community! As a researcher or member of the academic staff, you can take advantage of collaborative opportunities across Europe within the Alliance. Composed of eight comprehensive universities, the 4EU+ Alliance offers a wealth of academic opportunities that reduce barriers in cross-regional, cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary research projects.

At 4EU+, we believe that sharing academic knowledge and promoting staff mobility are vital for fostering international collaborations and creating synergies. We provide numerous initiatives that streamline the creation of new collaborations, the development of joint educational and research projects, and help build a dynamic academic community. So, whether you're eager to initiate new projects or are in search of partners from other universities, 4EU+ is the right platform for you.

Reach out to your local 4EU+ office or connect with members of the Flagship Programme Committees to explore opportunities for collaboration within the 4EU+ Alliance.