Charles University

4EU+ Local Office

4EU+ Local Office 

European centre

Ovocný trh 560/5

116 36 Prague 1

Czech Republic


Who we are

Team members

Karolína Šedivcová

Head of 4EU+ Local Office

Coordination of the work of Local Office, 1CORE Project Manager at CU.

Adéla Jiroudková

Head of Research Support Office

Strategic dimension of 4EU+ at CU, TRAIN4EU+ Project Manager at CU + WP2 leader.

Julie Hubeňáková

Project Officer

WG Education co-coordinator, 1CORE WP3 coordinator.


Kristýna Kolínová

Project/Communication Officer

Coordination of internal and external communication, dissemination activities, student engagement.

Tereza Vosejpková

Mobility Officer

Administration of student and staff mobility, virtual mobility, shared courses.

Eva Matějcová

Grant Support Service

Support of submission of joint 4EU+ proposals aimed at obtaining of external funding.

Ivona Přečková

Financial Officer

Financial management of 4EU+ and connected activities and projects.

Tomáš Novotný

Communication Officer

Communication and dissemination activities, social media, student engagement.