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University of Geneva

University of Geneva

The University of Geneva, founded in 1559, is a top-ranked university with a strong international presence.

The University of Geneva (UNIGE) was founded in 1559 by Jean Calvin and Théodore de Bèze and it ranks amongst the top 1% universities in the world. It enjoys worldwide recognition and develops an ever-strengthening international network, building upon its unique situation at the heart of International Geneva, a world capital for multilateralism. The University of Geneva international strategy is set out both locally, through internationalizing its course offerings and continuously nurturing its close ties to IOs and NGOs based in Geneva, and on the world stage, through the development of more than 400 partnerships and exchanges with other institutions and universities.

The University of Geneva welcomes about 19’000 students coming from nearly 150 different countries in its nine faculties. Thanks to a comprehensive subject spectrum, students can enrol in 150 different bachelor’s, master’s or Ph.D.’s degree programmes embracing Sciences, Medicine, Humanities, Economics and Management, Social Sciences, Law, Theology, Psychology and Educational Sciences, as well as Translation and Interpreting.

With its thirteen interdisciplinary centres, the University of Geneva focuses on multidisciplinary approaches fitted to address society’s more complex challenges such as the changes brought about by the digital era and the objectives set forth by the United Nation’s sustainable development goals. The long-term support it grants its researchers has led to several Nobel Prizes, Fields Medals and other important distinctions.