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Charles University

Charles University

Founded in 1348, Charles University is the largest and most renowned university in the Czech Republic.

Charles University (CU) is a publicly funded institution that is composed of seventeen faculties. These include three science faculties, five medical faculties, six humanities and social science faculties and three theological faculties. In addition, the university encompasses four university institutes, five specialized centres, five special-purpose facilities, and the Rectorate.

The seat of the University is in Prague, where most of the faculties are located, however, there is one faculty situated in Pilsen and another in Hradec Králové.

A key priority for Charles University is to further enhance its prestigious status as a research university. To achieve this goal, the University places a strong emphasis on research activities.

At present, approximately 50,000 students are enrolled at the university. Of these, four fifths are engaged in on-site study, with more than half studying in the fields of social sciences and humanities. Charles University offers a total of 300 degree programmes, including 140 bachelor and master degree programmes, and 160 doctoral programmes.