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PhD Workshop: Challenges for Europeanness in Times of Global Crises

Apply by: 15 April

PhD Workshop: Challenges for Europeanness in Times of Global Crises

Call for participants

Flagship 2 PhD Workshop "Challenges for Europeanness in Times of Global Crises: Initiatives for a Responsible, Open and Progressive Europe in the 21st Century"

Date: 10 - 11 June 2024

Location: University of Warsaw

In the face of unprecedented global challenges, the workshop on Europeanness in Times of Global Crises aims to foster a profound exploration of the multifaceted dimensions of European identity and issues surrounding legal, cultural, and social aspects of Europeanness at times of war, political conflict, and health emergencies, with special attention to the pursuit of shared solutions within the context of Europe. The workshop seeks to provide a platform for PhD candidates and researchers from the 4EU+ member universities to engage in a critical dialogue on the complex interplay between European identity, geopolitical crises, and the pressing need for collaborative approaches. The PhD candidates will have a chance to present their research topics and receive comprehensive feedback from senior scholars. Besides lectures and panel discussions, several workshops on research methodologies will be offered to the PhD candidates and enable them to get new skills as well as offer networking opportunities.


  • 2 keynote lectures by invited specialists

  • panel discussions of PhD candidates and senior researchers

  • mini-lectures on the selected PhD projects

  • workshops on the selected methodologies (such as digital humanities, discourse analysis, etc. in response to the topics of the participants)

Benefits (skills and knowledge)

The participants will be able to:

  • analyse and critique research methodologies applicable to the study of Europeanness in times of global crises.

  • evaluate the complexities of European identity in times of global crises from interdisciplinary perspectives (especially, taking into account the main notions of Flagship 2: European citizenship, multilingualism and pluralities)

  • examine the impact of war and political conflicts/ European institutions on European unity and crisis management, assessing their effectiveness and limitations.

  • reflect on communication challenges and the language and discourse surrounding crises in Europe

  • collaborate with peers to explore ways of researching and addressing common challenges faced by Europe during crises


PhD candidates from the 4EU+ member universities whose projects focus on the following topics are invited to enroll for the workshop:

  • European identity amid global crises

  • European memory

  • Legal challenges for Europe in times of crisis

  • Impact of war and political conflict on European unity

  • Role of European institutions in crisis management

  • Transnational collaboration and diplomacy for common solutions

  • Socio-cultural dimensions of Europeanness during crises

  • Dystopian literature and art in the time of crisis

  • Communication problems of Europeans with migrants

  • Language of discourse on the crisis

  • Linguistics and rhetorical means in the identity discourse

  • Analyzing discourse on Europe

  • Literary texts about crises: does a literature of crisis exist?

  • Crisis: words, vocabulary, and languages

  • Responsibility of Europe for their neighbors

  • European trade, investment, and environment

  • Humanitarian and environmental law

2-3 PhD candidates and 1 senior researcher will be selected from each 4EU+ member university.

The review of submissions and decision of acceptance will be made by the 4EU+ Flagship 2 Programme Committee.

Evaluation Criteria

  • PhD status: Consideration will be given to applicants who are enrolled as PhD candidates in one of the 4EU+ member universities

  • Relevance of Contribution: quality, significance, and originality of the proposed research project to be presented at the workshop and its Alignment with the workshop themes. Applicants should indicate a clear connection between their work and the workshop's focus areas

  • Language of the workshop: English

The number of participants depends on the 4EU+ (or other) funding opportunities from the sending university. Travel and accommodation costs are covered by the sending universities. The participants are kindly requested to work closely with their local 4EU+ financial officers in order to arrange travel and accommodation as effectively as possible.

Submissions and important dates

Interested participants are invited to present their submission using the PhD Workshop submission form via email to Kamila Miłkowska-Samul, Flagship 2 co-coordinator: .

Deadline for abstract submission: 15 April 2024

Notification of acceptance: 30 April 2024