Quantum information and quantum many-body theory (QuantEU+)

Leading university:

University of Copenhagen

Project leader:

Prof. Jan Philip Solovej



Flagship 3: Data – Models –Tranformations

Participating universities:

Charles University, Heidelberg University, Sorbonne University, University of Copenhagen, University of Geneva, University of Milan, University of Warsaw

The project aims to provide students from participating 4EU+ universities with an opportunity to learn about quantum technologies in an interdisciplinary and inter-European manner. The project has three main objectives. Firstly, it seeks to offer students access to the forefront of technological developments and research in quantum technologies, allowing them to engage in discussions with experts in the field regardless of their home institution. Secondly, the project aims to facilitate the expansion of professional networks for both students and partners involved, extending beyond the confines of a traditional Master's education at a single university. Lastly, the project aims to promote collaborative education among partner universities by exploring innovative approaches to lecture organization, such as blended learning experiences that combine online components, group work, peer review, and in-person discussions. Given the multidisciplinary nature of quantum technologies and quantum information science, this collaborative approach is crucial, as it requires expertise from diverse fields in both research and education.