Manage and organize virtual excursions

Leading university:

Sorbonne University

Project leader:

Prof. Philippe Agard



Flagship 4: Environmental transitions

Participating universities:

Charles University, Sorbonne University, University of Geneva

MOVE is an innovative project that aims to create cutting-edge geoscience field excursions for use in multiple curricula within the 4EU+ Alliance. The project is led by master-level students who collaborate to design and implement a 6–7-day field excursion. Their tasks include identifying field targets, refining the itinerary and objectives through webinars with experts, and developing the narrative and filming strategy. The students also run the excursion and create outreach products such as movies, virtual excursions, and a website. One of MOVE's key objectives is to actively involve young geoscientists in conceptualizing and leading these field excursions, as well as designing the online virtual excursions. The students are responsible for selecting pedagogical and visually stunning sites, which may involve drone surveys. This requires strong data literacy skills, including reading scientific articles to identify key geological highlights in various fields. Additionally, critical thinking is essential in conveying classic concepts through outreach products, scaling information up or down, creating a scenario, and maximizing the excursion's added value.