Inclusive cities – regenerative resources: an Interdisciplinary challenge-based research and Joint Study Programme on urban health and climate change (ICRR)

Leading university:

University of Copenhagen

Project leader:

Assoc. Prof. Kristin Veel



Flagship 1: Urban health and demographic change

Participating universities:

Heidelberg University, Sorbonne University, University of Copenhagen, University of Geneva, University of Warsaw

The project aims to develop an interdisciplinary joint study and research program within the 4EU+ Alliance on equity in urban health and climate change challenges. The programme will focus on how these challenges are manifested across built and digital environments and are negotiated in art and popular culture. The project brings together a unique group of researchers experienced in interdisciplinary collaborations, allowing them to address various aspects of the urban environment and co-create an innovative education programme. The programme will offer students, researchers, and citizens a combination of mixed methods, including data tracking, fieldwork, historical analysis, and cultural theory. This approach will enable participants to critically engage with complex societal challenges that cannot be addressed from within one discipline alone. The project will build upon existing programmes in partner universities, such as 4Cities, Intersect, MobiliSense, H3Sensing, and PartiCitaE. These programmes serve as a basis for establishing a community platform that joins competencies on data literacy, mobility, and infrastructure, homes and housing, anticipation and prevention, social and environmental epidemiology, citizen science projects, climate change, and urban dystopias and utopias.