Role of Culture in Times of War and Post-war Reconstruction. The Case of Ukraine

Project type: Charles University Student  Mini-grant 2023 

Project leader at CU: Klára Kosová (Faculty of Social Sciences)  

Participating universities: University of Geneva, University of Warsaw 

The goal of the project team is to create a collaborative network of 4EU+ junior researchers, senior scholars, and societal actors aiming not only to get to the bottom of the above-raised questions and provide possible answers to them but to work towards embedding Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction as part of its path towards a more inclusive Europe. By adopting an interdisciplinary approach to culture and taking Ukraine as an empirical focus, the team seeks to host an interdisciplinary workshop in Prague oriented towards young scholars, primarily PhD candidates, in September 2023. The programme will consist of a panel discussion between experts in various cultural fields, presentations of junior researchers, discussions with Ukrainian artists and cultural activists, and a keynote speech.