Practical AI for Academia Workshops

Project type: Charles University Student Mini-grant 2023 

Project leader at CU: Adam Martinek (Faculty of Science)  

Participating universities: Heidelberg University, University of Warsaw 

The project aims to create a series of seminars and workshops aimed at collaboratively exploring both the possibilities and pitfalls of using AI applications to supplement academic work. The project’s goal is to connect advanced students and early-career researchers with AI experts and expert AI users to foster creativity and collaboration among 4EU+ universities. The project team will explore the place of artificial intelligence in academia through joint discussions, workshops, and seminars among advanced students and early career researchers under the guidance of AI experts and expert AI users. By creating information materials and organizing events, the project strives to ignite new creative uses of AI across the participating universities. The project will allow students and researchers outside technical disciplines to collaborate on new academic uses for artificial intelligence applications.