The European perspective of identity changes on the old continent in the 21st century and their impact in Latin America

Project type: Charles University Student Mini-grant 2023 

Project leader at CU: Anna Řičář Libánská (Faculty of Arts)  

Participating universities: Heidelberg University, University of Warsaw  

The main goal of the project is to initiate a dialogue among young researchers on European and Latin American identity in the last decade of the 21st century and to make an attempt to define the current model of relations between the EU and Latin America as well as the directions of the flow of ideas and values. In this way, the project team intends to contribute to the renewal of deeper cooperation between these regions based on mutual understanding. The goal will be achieved by organizing a summer school at Charles University in Prague. Its’ participants will take part in lectures, joint workshops, discussions, and a scientific conference in order to search for answers to such questions as what modern Europeanness means, what it consists of, and how we can mutually benefit from it.