Collaborative research on a newly appeared glacial lake in the Alps

Project type: Charles University Student Mini-grant 2023 

Project leader at CU: Aayushi Pandey (Faculty of Science)  

Participating universities: Heidelberg University, University of Milan  

The project will provide a unique opportunity for Ph.D. students from the 4EU+ universities to improve their skills in field measurements and combine them with remote-sensing analysis. The project will bring together researchers to collaborate in research about climate change’s impact on the high-mountain cryosphere. It will give a common platform to learn and share skills important for their Ph.D. A field campaign will be carried out in the lake basin at Gorner glacier to better understand the draining mechanism. A fixed-wing drone will take high-resolution imagery over the basin and depth measurement of the basin will be carried out to have an estimation of the water volume that was impounded by the drained lake.