TRANSLOCAL. Us by/for/as the eyes of foreigners

Project type: Charles University Student Mini-grant 2023 

Project leader at CU: Tereza Hrdlička (Faculty of Arts)  

Participating universities: Heidelberg University, University of Copenhagen 

The project team would like to contribute to a rising academic interest in Eastern and Central Europe and organize a spring school in Prague. In the three days it is planned to visit places, and related institutions where art and life meeting the notions of „local“ or „trans-local“ can be found in Prague as well as debate the notions on site and at workshops. As a permanent tangible result the project leader works on research guides (e.g., Oxford bibliographies, or „pathfinders “), and commented bibliographies in English created to help begin research in topics, that will be debated as „(trans)local “. They will be published on the website of The Institute of Art History along with a new architecture of the English web.